Craving fatty foods is somewhat natural in the world we live in. The majority of the Western world eats a high fat diet and it can typically be over 50% fat! Your body becomes accustomed to it! Our diets in the Western world are high in fat for many reasons but the number one reason being stress.

When we are under stress or any emotional pressure, many people turn to food for comfort. When you eat fat, because it is hard on the digestive system, it weighs you down and numbs you from what you would be feeling. We comfort eat. Feeling emotion/stress and digestion are two of the biggest and most energy consuming mechanisms of the body – your body can’t do both at once. So if you eat fatty foods you stop yourself feeling.

Comfort eating is a big part of our world and overcoming our reliance on fatty foods to numb us can be very difficult. So the best way to deal with it is to wean yourself off. When food becomes an emotional issue for us, simply cutting ourselves off of fatty foods maybe too much for us to handle emotionally. It is overwhelming because those emotions you kept buried and avoided will want to resurface. So what you need to do is wean yourself off.

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